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The Mastering Room

Audio Music CD Mastering Studio & CD/DVD Replication Duplication

About The Mastering Room

The Mastering Room was founded by President/Chief Mastering Engineer, Greg Forsberg. Greg has a long history in the music business, from Engineer at the world famous Plant Studios in the Bay Area, to his 10 years owning and operating Supaslump Masters, a premier mastering facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada.


With a discography of more than 800 mastered albums, Greg’s attitude towards his craft is to live it, eat it, breath it, sleep it and get up and do it again.


“When you make something your life’s work, you are in a constant state of growth, the learning process never ends. Just when you think you have every little detail nailed, that little voice in the back of your mind says ‘How can I make this better?’ That’s kind of what I have discovered on my personal journey with music and business.


I will search out the most perfect, pristine, boutique mastering equalizer I can find for example, and then I always find myself bugging the designer to modify it for me so I can squeeze out that last little bit that would make it even better.”


“The Mastering Room is a real dream come true for me. It’s a minimalist environment. Give me the shortest signal path possible, the least amount of gear but the best gear in the world, a room that is absolutely precise to my application, and a monitoring system with no compromise. That is what I’ve always envisioned as my ultimate, and that is what I built. I am truly blessed to be able to live my dream every day.

Our Services


Mastering is part art, and part science. Part the integrity of the signal path, and part the person that is manipulating that signal. Most of the

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The Mastering Room offers the absolute highest quality CD / DVD replication and full service manufacturing. There is no substitute for

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The Mastering Room offers full Online Worldwide Digital Distribution services to the public. We have a very large reach, spanning the globe

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The Vault



Album Title

Label / Company

“Won’t Go Back”
(JTeddy Music)
(Calvary Chapel Spring Valley)
“Our Purpose”
(Remnant Ministries)
Priscilla Miller
“Songs of Worship”
(i-Surrender Music)
Hope Worship Las Vegas
(Hope Worship Las Vegas)
Hope Worship Las Vegas
(Hope Worship Las Vegas)
“Can Do All Things Through Christ”
(Jomomusik/Impact Concepts Media)

Forms and Templates

Mastering Work Order – To make things eaiser we provide you with a simple online work order that you can fill out send to us for review.


Replication Templates – For those of you who take advantage of our Replication services, we provide you with the necessary templates for all your projects artwork and layout.

Let’s Talk

415 948 4734


198 West 21th Street, New York NY

We’re passionate about working with artists who want to create great records. We would love to her from you.


Send us a note, tell us a little bit about your projects, and we will go from there.



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